Alcohol and Drugs and Incarceration

Alcohol and Drugs Ruined My Life

I had everything going for me. At one point I was a wealthy physical therapist and had a beautiful family, ranch, horses, and ponds on my property. However, I made many small compromises that led to great disasters. I allowed the stress of my life to lead me to alcohol and drugs.

My Incarceration

I was arrested 13 times for drunken driving, the last of which nearly cost the lives of many people. When I woke up in jail, which was not uncommon for me, I soon found myself revoked of my driving license and my license to practice medicine.

My Desperation

It was in this desperate position that I was first introduced to the RU Recovery Program. After that I began attending their meetings in the jail and eventually the meetings at Grace Baptist Church in Ohio upon my release. At my judicial hearing for what was supposed to be two to five years in prison, I was miraculously court ordered to the Men’s Discipleship Home in Rockford.

My Deliverance and Restoration

That was 2002. Today, I work full time in this wonderful Christian ministry. I have a beautiful home, beautiful wife and family, and have gained full privileges to drive again. The day after I miraculously received my license back, my wife shot a hole in one at a golfing event and won a prize—you guessed it, a beautiful Cadillac! I have finally came to realize God is so good, and I am so unworthy. Won’t you give God the same opportunity! I have personally seen Him do these things in the lives of hundreds of other people just like me?

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