Advice And Encouragement Can Help You Overcome Adversity

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Proverbs 25:11 Dissected & Defined

A word fitly (properly) spoken (advice and encouragement) is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

When someone gives us a well-worded response in a timely fashion, it produces a beautiful work of art!

Having Different Occupations

I am a person who has enjoyed many different occupations in life. I have been a fast food worker, machinist, store manager, real estate buyer for truck stops, VP for an oil company, and  president of a national addictions program. I’ve done many things and faced adversity at all levels of occupation.

Overcoming Occupational Adversity

In addition, I have learned many things in life from occupational adversity. At times the adversity seemed to be too much in each of the levels of my leadership. However, during these hard times in my life, I have always been blessed to have people that were willing to do one of two things: give me advice or encouragement. As a result, it has been timely and priceless.

Advice And Encouragement Make The Difference

These people—whether it was my father as a teen, my employer in business, or my pastor in my ministry—have made every bit of the difference necessary to get me to my next level in life. How did they do it? Easy… a word fitly spoken. Due to timely advice or praise. A proper response from advice or a positive word of encouragement in times of need always improves the quality of your life’s portrait. It makes life picture perfect! I couldn’t imagine my life without it. 

Give Advice And Encouragement

Furthermore, do you have people in your life that improve your portrait’s picture with beautiful strokes in a timely fashion? If not, you may want to ask yourself why. For God has said that if you will give, it shall be given unto you. Try practicing on a poor souls portrait and “brush up” on your painting skills. Therefore give advice and encouragement. Also, help others to fix their life’s picture and you will find others will do the same for you. Finally, to make your life’s picture priceless, you must invest in the penniless portraits of others.

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