Addiction and Faith, a Testimony of Faith-Based Recovery

Before my studies at RU of Addiction and Faith, I was walking in the world’s “broad way,” and well on my way to certain destruction.

But the Lord had other plans for me, and an RU sign caught my attention. Long story, short, I have that first RU pamphlet and every other track to this day. These remind me of my timeline with God, and how He has always been alongside, giving me the strength for each and every day.

I knew that R.U. was,” Reformers Unanimous” Recovery Ministries, but then God asked me,

RU Ready to turn back to me?”
RU Ready for me to be the head of your life?”
RU Ready for me to break your chains of addiction?”

And my answer was “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Addiction and Love

Through the Strongholds Study course, I found out what Love really is (def: the willing sacrificial giving of oneself for the benefit of others without thought of return) and applied it to my life.

Addiction and Faith

Next, I learned about Faith (def: a personal measurement of the level of confidence in what Christ has done and will do in through, and for us). The study of Love and Faith spurred me on and into the remainder of the Fruit, and my life has changed! It is exciting to be challenged by His Spirit; and then with my simple obedience, see what “fruit” He will produce in me.

This is my journey thus far, and I can hardly wait to see what the Lord has for my future.

I thank Jesus for making me able to enter,” in at the strait gate,” and someday join Him in Heaven.

Until then, may each day of my life be truly given to God and His will, not mine.

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