Acknowledging God Moment by Moment

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Proverbs 3:6 Dissected & Defined

In all thy ways (paths of life) acknowledge (recognize) him, and he shall direct (prescribe a course; to mark a way) thy paths.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

Acknowledging God with All Your Meditations

This verse is the concluding thoughts of verse five. Last month, we paraphrased the following conclusion to Solomon’s “underlying meaning” of verse five: Place your confidence in the Lord with all your meditations. Don’t depend on your normal thought processes.

Verse six continues by commanding us to acknowledge Him in all our ways. That is to say, we should “recognize Him as genuine.” This means to give God credit for what He is doing. But more than giving God credit, is our realization that God is indeed doing something. 

Acknowledging God Moment by Moment

Many times, we overlook God’s role in the moment by moment affairs of life. That is not acknowledging Him. Solomon is telling us that we should stop trying to figure out how to do things in our own power and instead place all our confidence in what God is trying to do for us. 

Circumstances of Life are Intended to Conform Us to the Image of Christ

Often, we find ourselves forgetting God’s sovereignty. Every circumstance in life has a purpose. It is intended to conform us to the image of Christ (Romans 8:28, 29). 

However, when we analyze a situation or put confidence in ourselves or in others, then we reject God’s plan. How many times have you prayed and asked God to do something and then sought to obtain that result in your own power? Or, you begin to determine how to live without your request. That is not faith, confidence, nor trust. 

God has a plan for us. He wants us to conform. God also wants to lead and direct our life. But he doesn’t want us to be all that we can be. He wants us to be all that He is! 

To this end, when God leads us to look to Him, He expects us to be confident that His decision will be right! Don’t depend on your own way of thinking. And when He is done, recognize Him as genuine. 

Acknowledge Him privately to Him and publicly to others.

From there, He’ll give you some directions.

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