A Note from our Sales Department

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TODAY IS CRASH THE SERVER DAY at http://www.store.reformu.com!  We hope you’re excited, as we are bounding with excitement about the NEW Reformers Unanimous E-store that will be available for you by 6 am today! We have never offered such deep discounts on our retail products as this launch will offer.  Directors need not be concerned that customers will be temporarily buying at cheaper prices than chapters because we will have incentives for you in the coming days as well—up to and including a brand new supporting chapter web store that will function so much better than our current site.

Again, this new site will be MUCH faster, include better search functions, and boast a much improved navigation system to help addicts and apathetic Christians find products which could surely improve their relationship with Christ.  Whether the need is recovery or relationship, we seek to be a catalyst for growth in the lives of all we are privileged to reach.

Please join us on this special day for CRASH THE SERVER day!  We want to see MANY students, leaders, directors, pastors, and others visit our site today (http://www.store.reformu.com).  We anticipate so many visitors that we literally crash our new host’s server!  What a testimony that will be to the people we have partnered with to host this site!  They will surely be shocked to see such a celebration for products that honor, support, and promote the life that is Jesus Christ.

While you are there, of course, your purchase could not be more needed for us as an organization; and we pray even more helpful to you as an individual.  We do not seek to be booksellers; we seek to be bounty speakers!  We hope to help others understand the bounty that comes from escaping the bondage of ungodliness and worldly lusts, covenanting with other believers to live soberly and righteously and godly in this present world—YES!  It is indeed possible; NO! This is not just possible, but it is more than probable to those who will live godly IN Christ Jesus.  (If you haven’t yet visited, again, the site is http://www.store.reformu.com.  You can also click on the recovery E-Store link at http://www.reformu.com.)

Bro. Fowler has placed our entire line of books written by Bro. Curington, Dr. Kingsbury, and Dr. Crabb at the LOWEST PRICE EVER.  We will also offer huge discounts on the highly-effective addiction recovery kit and Christian discipleship curriculum as well as all of our CD’s, MP3, and DVDs!   These are unbeatable savings on nearly every item that you may not want to miss.

Basic Information for our Customers: If you already have an account with RU, we should have successfully transferred all of your account information.  Just login with your email address; and for your password, please use your last name combined with your billing zip code.(example: fowler61104) You can change your password after you login.  If you have any trouble logging in or experience any other technical problems, do not hesitate to contact Will Fowler at estore@reformu.com or 815-986-0460 ext. 133.

Come check out the new store today and feel free to pass this on to your friends and students before the special prices expire on May 31.  Thank you for your support and friendship to our ministry.  We can only pray we are as helpful to you as you have been to us.  God bless and keep you!

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