Overcoming Porn Addiction

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I first came to RU in 2016 as a very broken man with a porn addiction.  I had fallen away from my walk with God and put more emphasis on my job than on my family or on the Lord. My work had me traveling to different cities every week, and initially, I always had an accountability partner to keep me in check with God. However, I gradually stopped doing that, so before long, I was looking at inappropriate sites on my company laptop while in the hotel rooms.  This ultimately led up to me getting fired from my job of 38 years.  I was completely devastated and was afraid of losing my wife over this.  I was so ashamed and knew that the whole cause of my downfall was of not keeping God as my number one priority.

The RU program has helped me to re-establish my relationship with the Lord as the most important thing in my life.  I know without a doubt that if I am walking with Him, and following His teachings from the Bible, my thoughts won’t be on sinful things. 

As I began working the RU principles into my life, I realized how the Lord was giving me another chance not only Him but with my family, too.  I immersed myself in memorizing and meditating on scripture, and that has given me a genuine love for my Savior.  With that love for Him, so comes my desire to please and obey Him. 

In turn, He has now given me a stronger marriage, and I better understand my covenant with both God and my wife. By faithfully attending RU, I have been blessed with many new Christian friends, who not only offer accountability but genuine friendship.  I am so grateful and so enjoying the new life God has granted to me in overcoming my porn addiction.

Praise Him for His love and mercy! 

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