Stop Watching Porn! The Long Road of Small Compromises

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I just couldn’t stop watching porn! I became a different person. My pornography obsession continued to grow until my arrest and conviction.

After you read my testimony, you may find it hard to believe that I have been a Christian since my early teens.

I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, as Lord & Savior, at a church youth rally in 1973. I had gone to church with my parents for years, but up to that point, I had never clearly understood the necessity of receiving Jesus Christ as my Savior. That day, I then knew my sins had been forgiven; I had eternal life, as well as new life in Christ; and that I would follow Him according to His Word, with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

My life in Christ was filled with joy and I served for several years in my church youth group, and on into my college years. I was even blessed with my first job after graduating, as an announcer with a Christian radio station.

After moving on from that job, there began a slow, but a steady chain of compromises in my decisions–starting by looking outside the Christian realm of employment. Hardly noticing the slow changes, I began experiencing losses— less and less time with the Lord and church, 2 failed marriages, and an escalating obsession with pornography. It seemed I had become a different person. In my heart, I knew I was still saved, but I had no walk with the Lord & zero victories in my life. I couldn’t stop watching porn. But at that time, sadly, I did not care.

My pornography obsession continued to grow until my arrest and conviction. It was in jail, at my lowest point, when God literally got in my head & said, “Don’t you get it??!” It was then that I became another prodigal son, and surrendered my life back to Christ. I felt welcomed with open arms, forgiven, and set back on a path leading to life IN Him.

Now at my current facility, by God’s incredible grace, there is a wonderful company of believers here. I found out about the RU classes here & have been incredibly blessed. I finished the Overcomer and I am working through the Strongholds Study Course. It has become an important part of maintaining a strong & consistent faith-walk with the Lord and guarding against temptations and pitfalls satan wants to place in my path. I praise the Lord for giving me this blessed group and another chance to belong to Him.

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  1. I struggled with the same addiction played the games lived the lies of Satan but I was destroying myself, I lost my family so many friends and loved ones but after pulling two years on prison on a probation violation God has helped me by allowing me to reach out to others to share my testimony to others, how Jesus transformed me into what I am today

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