Understand All Things When Looking for the Lord

Proverbs 28:5 Dissected & Defined

Evil men understand (to know the meaning of) not judgment (to think right): but they that seek (look for) the LORD understand all things.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

We have discussed previously in Proverbs 24 the definition of “evil.” A simplified definition of an evil man is one who’s issues of the heart are perverted. These “issues of the heart” are matters such as pride, arrogance, the evil way, and a froward mouth. 

This verse tells us that one who’s issues of the heart are perverted will not be able to know the meaning of right thinking. But someone who looks for the Lord will know the meaning of all things.

An often seen quality in a new student enrolled in our men and ladies School of Discipleship is that they come with preconceived ideas on how to run our homes in a better fashion than how we presently run the homes. They take notice of all they think their steward does wrong and often foolishly speak their opinion. 

Adversity Can Change Our Evil Thinking

But as time goes on and adversity grows them, it is somewhat strange, but their attitude drastically changes! That steward becomes their best friend and the program boundaries don’t seem so bad anymore! In fact, they remain victorious after graduation because they take the program with them!

How does that happen? Their heart was evil. Thus, their thinking was perverted and they could not know right thinking. But when the students learn to look for the Lord in all things, all the sudden, things make so much more sense!

All of Us Often Lack the Ability to Understand Some Things

Are there matters in your life that don’t make any sense to you? We all have circumstances like that — saved and unsaved alike! Often our lack of understanding is a result of our perverted heart issues. 

So, what do you look for when things don’t make sense to you? Does it just not seem right? I encourage you to do a heart search for any evil ways, then go looking for the Lord. You might be surprised how much you understand all things!

Sharing is Caring

Steve Curington grew up in a Christian home and graduated from North Love Christian School in 1984. After high school, Steve started a 10-year addiction to alcoholism and cocaine. After a serious car accident, Steve found complete sobriety through his relationship with Jesus Christ. After his recovery in 1996, Steve began Reformers Unanimous, a faith-based addiction ministry. What started as a humble, Friday night addiction class with four regular attendees in Rockford, Illinois, grew to a class of more than 300 people from the community and then spread to other churches across the country and around the world. The founder of Reformers Unanimous International (RU) died suddenly on October 30, 2010. Mr. Curington, a husband and father of five children, was only 45, but he accomplished more in his 15 years of ministry than many do in a lifetime. We know his work, his writing, his voice, and his reach will live on.

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