The World’s Best Sack Lunch

Today’s reading:  John 6:3-14

Today’s Text verse – John 6:11,  “And Jesus took the loaves; and when he had given thanks, he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to them that were set down; and likewise of the fishes as much as they would.”

What a great story about a little boy’s lunch and the feeding of five thousand people!  Andrew was a man that had mastered the art of bringing people to Jesus.  He knew if he could get them to Jesus they would be helped and in return, Jesus would empower them to help others.  Our thoughts today are centered around getting people to Jesus…

Andrew was Simon Peter’s brother.  We know him because he was one of the 12 disciples.  He was the instrument God used to write several books in the Bible.  Andrew was converted and became zealous for the things of God.  He is responsible for bringing Peter to the Lord.  The Greeks came looking for answers and Andrew is the one that took them to Jesus.  In this story, he had mingled with the crowd and found a boy in whom he invested some time.  I believe enough time that the boy wanted to follow him and get closer to the One he talked about – Jesus.

Today I want to give us all a few observations that may tune our hearts to become more like Andrew:

1. God delights to do something special in your lifeGod wants to do something special with you.  Some people fall into a materialism mind-set and begin spending their entire lives at Best Buy or on E-Bay. Gadgets; things; fun; etc. We live in a world addicted to pleasure, things, sex, vacations, drugs, gourmet food, and more! King Solomon went down that road. Rock stars, who have all of those things in abundance, are often found dead in a hotel room. “Things” are NOT the answer!

God does not want to hurt you or use you in the sense that you are treated or treat someone else like a door mat.  He wants something refreshing for you.  He desires to favor you in every area of your life.  This does not mean that you will not face adversity.   He was there for men and woman in the Bible. Sometimes I am sure they felt all alone, but we have “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey said for so many years. We can clearly see He was there for Moses; He was there for Joseph; He was there for Daniel (when he didn’t have a prayer);  He was there for Stephen; and I believe, that through it all you will see, and I will see, He was there for you and for me!  He delights to engage in our lives and fulfill His purposes that will work out for our good and His glory.

2.  God delights to do His will through Humans.  God could have fed these hungry people, but He delighted in a greater way to include Andrew and a boy with a sack lunch.  I am sure that, for a moment, this boy was swept up in the occasion.  He was fascinated with Andrew and Jesus.  It may seem unfair that God, the Creator of the universe, took this boy’s lunch.  If that is all we saw in the scripture, we would probably think differently about the story.  Thank God that is not the end!  He took this boys lunch and blessed it, and multiplied it! Are you angry with God because it seems He took your “lunch”?  Are you angry with God because it seems He allowed someone else to take your lunch?  Hang on!  Trust Him.  He never takes something without blessing it and multiplying it and using it for His glory and your good.  God delights in doing His will through humans and what humans give to him.

If God is going to do His will through us we must realize a few things:

a.  We must realize that our “sack lunch” belong to God.

b.  We must realize our “sack lunch” comes in various sizes and shapes.

c.  We must realize our “sack lunch” was made by God.

d.  We must realize our “sack lunch” needs to glorify God.


The World’s Best Sack Lunch is the One that You Give to God.


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God led Ben and his family (wife, Wendy; and three children, Josh, Caleb, and Hannah) to Rockford, Illinois in 2003 to become the International Director of the fastest growing addiction ministry in the United States. Bro. Burks is now privileged to travel and train others how to help the addicted within their communities.

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