Steve Curington Home Going Update

We are sad to report the death of our beloved founder and president of Reformers Unanimous, Steven Curington. Bro. Curington walked in the presence of His Savior for the first time around 4:30 this afternoon after an apparent heart attack.

Please pray for our church, our ministry, and especially Steve’s family during this time. We also covet your prayers for our National Ministry as well as our Men’s and Women’s Homes. Though our ways are not His ways, we can rest assured that God is in control.

We will keep you informed through our website at of arrangements and plans as we know them.

– From Dr. Paul Kingsbury and the RUI Family

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Paul Kingsbury was born in the state of Michigan in 1953. Reared by godly parents and discipled in good churches, Paul came to Christ as a youngster and surrendered to ministry at sixteen years of age. He immediately began preaching in rescue missions, jails, and nursing homes. Becoming senior Pastor of North Love in 1982, Paul Kingsbury continues in that capacity today. Pastor Kingsbury travels extensively, preaching and teaching on marriage, family relationships, discipleship and overcoming addictions and stubborn habits. He is the author of several books. He and his wife have been blessed with twelve children and numerous grandchildren. Honorary doctorates have been given to Paul Kingsbury from Ambassador Baptist College and West Coast Baptist College.

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  1. Praying for you and the kids Lori. We love you very much.
    Kassie, Donald, Malachi, and David
    We Love and miss you Bro. Steve thanks for the vision and drive.

  2. Dear Lori and children I am praying for you all with many others around the world; that God will sustain you, support you and comfort you as no one else can at this sorrow filled time in your life.
    Carol Fowler

  3. We were blessed to meet Steve a few years ago. He made such an impact on my life and my husbands! It was HIS testimony … that helped my husband and me decide that we would NEVER allow our children to take a year (or a semester) off after high school. I heard his story, and his legacy will live on!

    Wow, … Not sure why God chose this time, but He knows why … and how …

    God bless the Curington Family and the RU Ministry! I know it will thrive as Steve would want it!

    I look forward, personally, to meeting Laurie Curington some day!

    God bless and we are praying for you all!

    In His Grip,

    ilah hardesty

    Long Beach, ca

  4. I didn't know Bro. Curington personally

    (I'm just the nursery worker of the RU chapter started with Joe S. @WoodinValley-now under Steve O. ) but being a part of the program, I've learned that he was a man of character and a man that made himself available to God and was used greatly! To Mrs. Curington& the kids, the Rockford chapter and Bro. Kingsbury and church family… You're in my prayers and may the light of God's presence, his perfect word, grace and provsion take you a day at a time. God bless. Hab.3:18-19

  5. I am praying for you Lori and rest of curington family. I am very shocked and sorry to hear of the loss, especially such a sudden one. I hope God will comfort you in this time of sorrow.

  6. We are praying for Lori, their beautiful children and the RUI Program.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Steve 3 times and one thing that I was impress was how focus he was with his time, his vision was incredible, but his mission was executed daily. We'll miss you here brother, but we'll see you in heaven Sir.
    Cesar, Kari & the Rodriguez Kids
    Tampa, FL

  7. i was lucky enough to have met this great man of God. We talked at length on friday of just how good our Lord truly is. This ministry means so much to me,it has saved my life! I feel for Lori and the kids,he truly loved them so much.i am giving myself to fulltime ministry because of the encouragement he gave me, he believed in me and gave me the push i needed. Reformers will go on and grow from this deep loss of such a great man. I know he is in Heaven smiling! I miss you my friend. Brian Hare

  8. I joined Reformers Unanimous 4 years ago because I saw a tool to help people that I had difficulty in reaching. Little did I know how much I would be helped as I was refocused and reinforced.

    Thank you Steve Curington.

    Praying for his family, ministry, and church family.

  9. In 2001 I was in Rockford for the RU training seminar. It was there I got to know Bro Currington very well. It was shortly after he had left his secular job to run the ministry full-time.

    Since then, God has allowed him to expand the impact of RU on a global scale, and with the homes for men and women, there are thousands who can say Bro Currington helped change their lives.

    I'm glad to have had the opportunity to see him a few months ago at the North High Street Baptist Church in Worthington, Ohio. Amazingly, after all these years, he still remembered me by name.

    Our prayers go out to Lori and the kids as they cope with their loss.

  10. May God grant comfort and guidance to family and ministry as only He can.

  11. I and the people of Hope Baptist Church of Bettendorf, Iowa will be having a special time of prayer tomorrow for the Curington Family and the ministry of R.U. I am deeply saddened by your loss.
    Pastor Mark Cannon
    Bettendorf, Iowa

  12. Our prayers are with you and the family, Lori. I received the call at about 11:00 p.m. and for the next hour or so I prayed. We had the opportunity to meet you all in 2007 and it was such a blessing.

    Bro. Paul, the ministry must go on. It has been such a blessing in many peoples lives, including mine. I know Bro. Steve would want it to go on. May God's hand be upon you all during this time.

  13. Praying for the precious wife and family of Bro. Steven Currington. Indeed God is in control.My husband died in his old age but it still hurt me how much more for this young family.My heart aches his widow.Praying…….

  14. Faith Temple Baptist RU

    It is by the power of the Holy Spirit that lives are touched around us. The rivers of living water (John 7:38) flowed from my Bro. Steve Curington. Thanks you God for his example of Christ he lived. I know we are just men, but thanks be to God through Christ we have been made more than men. We have been made the sons of God! Help us Lord to shine the example of Christ and to receive the burden for lost souls as Bro. Curington. Lord, uphold Lori and their children, the family, the ministry, North Love's Family, and lead us stedfastly forward in our walk with You.

  15. Praise GOD for the works done IN CHRIST through your calling ~ Lord praying you comfort and care for Lori and all 5 children in their time of grief, please continue to bring your goodness throughout ALL RU's and in the paths of those who are called to to exhort one another unto good works in your precious name Lord JESUS~1Th 5:11 Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.

    Brenda Oldfield~RU Woodinville WA

  16. Lori, our words cant offer you the comfort that you have already expierienced through our God, but please know this, Christal and I are praying for you and the kids. I loved your husband greatly, it is because of the sacrifices the both of you have made through the years that this preacher is able to criss cross the nation telling people about the freedom one can have in Christ as well as His saving grace. Every life we touch every soul we reach is fruit to the account of the Currington family. Just as through the sacrifice of two MANY have been reached there is no doubt in my mind that through the sacrifice that God has asked you now to make MULTITUDES will come and be reached. We love you and the kids, we have prayed for you all often and will continue to pray for you all!

    – Evangelist Tony Petronico

    Mens Home Graduate 1999-2000

  17. Dear Laurie, Kids & North Love Family Church & Reformers Unanimous..My Deepest Heartfelt Love & Sincere Condolences At This Most Difficult Time: I Remember Meeting Steve Many Years Ago After I Had Called North Love LOOKING For Help For My Alcoholism..Their Pastor Said, I Was In Luck That A Brand NEW Program Was Just Getting Off The Ground Called R.U. & They Would Send Someone Right Over..Within A Few Hrs.Steve Currington & A Sm. Team Was At My Home..Listening, Talking & Encourageing Me With His New Vision For R.U..I Remember Telling Him I Had Tryed A.A. For Many Yrs..He Was Very Passionate About Telling Me That This New Program & Vision That God Had Given Him Was To Not Be An Anonymous One, But A UNANIMOUS ONE!..Everything Out In The Open For Everyone!..And Christ Was The Only Answer To All My Lifes Problems..He Told Me I Did NOT Have An Addiction Problem, But Rather A Sinning Problem, Which Could Only Be Satisfied By God Himself & Me Being Obediant To The Voice Of God..I Was Just One Of A Few That 1st Started Meeting W/Bro.Steve At The Church In The Early Days..Within Months I Was Attending Church Regularly & Had Even Met & Married My Christian Husband Whom I Now Have Had The Joy Of Being Happily Married To For 15 Yrs..I Had The Pleasure Of Returning Several Times & Giving My Testimony Over The Yrs..As Bro.Steve Was Always More Than Gracious To Have Me Give Hope To Others Of What Gods Amazing Grace Can Do & Set Us Free From..I Am Very Blessed To Say That Both My Children Had A Sober Christian Mom & Christian Step Father To Raise Them In The Lord For All The Yrs.Since & A Grandson Now That Even Knows The Lord!..God Used Bro.Steve That Day At My Home To Start My Life On The True Road To Healing In Jesus & To Guide Me Into The Scriptures & Victory!..I Still Have In My Kitchen A Little Plaque Above My Stove That Bro.Steve & Laurie Gave Me After Dinner At Their Lil Apt. Home In The Beginning Which Reads..”Only God Can Satisfy The Hungry Heart Of Man”..How Very True Brother..I Received A Call Last Night Upon Returning Home From Taking My Grown Son To The Airport For His Army Deployments Again Into Afganistan That Bro.Currington Had Passed Into Gods Glorious Heaven Yesterday..I Was As Shocked As I'm Sure Everyone Else Is By The News Being Bro.Steve Was Always So Vibrant & Active & Full Of Joy & Young..But, As The Pastor Has Said: Gods Ways Are Not Our Ways & His Timing Is Not Ours..Who Can Know The Mind Of God..But, THIS I Do Know Is That Brother Steve Currington Is Rejoiceing With The Lord Right Now..Walking & I'm Sure Talking & Asking Him Many Questions As He Walks Down Those Streets Of Gold With Our Lord!..What A Beautifull Way To Spend Eternity!..To Laurie The Kids & The R.U.& North Love Family Our Prayers Are With You All..May The Peace Of Our God Which Passes ALL Understanding Comfort You At This Time..Untill Or Before Jesus Comes Again Brother I Shall Also See You Again One Day On Those Streets Of Gold With Our King..Thanks To You!..

    Our Sincere Love..Mr.& Mrs.Rick & Debi McCrillis..October 31,2010..

  18. I am sorry to here about lost of Steve, but we know he is in a better place..Our players go out to Lori and kids at the loss of Husband and father…God will take care of your family Lori…Keep Your faith strong with God..

  19. My husband and I have been going to RU at Mikado Baptist im Macon, GA since Dec. 2008. Alot of thing have happened to us throught Steve's teachings. We love to hear him teach, he is all truth and that is what people need to hear. We are sorry to hear about the lose. We will be praying for all his family. As we know that he is in a better place and he is rejoicing with the Lord. May God be with his family in this. We will keep lifting up Lori and the kids. May God get the glory.

  20. Bro. Steve will be missed by our group and especially me. I've been in RU for nearly 6 years and still I am learning new ways of overcoming strongholds in my life through Bro. Steve's RU program. Prayer for his family will be on my daily prayer list. Michelle

  21. Having heard the news just within the last hour,a bunch of emotion roll through my thoughts.First for Lori and the kids, my prayer to the Most High ,Father in Heaven,to continue to provide His love and care for this precious family. Second,to The Father for this man in my life,Bro Currington, to be a leader at a stage in my life, to grow my faith by studing scripture,to dig in and am still continuing daily to go further up and further in.Bro Currington does leave a Godly legacey!Praise The Name of YHWH!

  22. Our Hearts are broken!

    Paul and Pat Lay

  23. My husband and I had the priviledge of meeting Bro. Steve when we took our son Stephen to the home in Rockford. From the moment we set foot in the dorm, we felt the very presence of the Lord and knew that our son would receive the help he needed. We are so thankful to Bro. Steve and all the RU staff for the dedication and godly influence that they show. We pray that Lori and the children will be comforted by the only One who can help in a time like this. Our son, Stephen, is also in heaven, and I can just imagine he and Bro. Steve rejoicing together there. We know that all that are involved in the ministry there in Rockford especially, will miss him beyond compare, but we also know that our Lord does all things well, and that He has a purpose for this. Though our hearts our saddened, we are excited to even think about all those who will be reached because this one seed was planted. May the Lord bless you all and may you continue this wonderful ministry.

  24. After hearing the 10 principles every Fri night for years now…I feel as though I knew him…..He will be missed.

  25. The going Home of Brother Curington certainly comes as a shock. I know the Lord is in control and truly believe in the end, the truth that “all things work together for good” will come to light. I am praying for Brother Curington's family and the RU's around the World. May we stand for the truth's that Bro. Curington so diligently and compassionately taught. As we stand the legacy that Bro. Curington left behind will move forward for the Lord Jesus Christ and then one day we will all rejoice with Brother Curington. But now may our Heavenly Father wipe away the tears of those that our mourning the home going of one of Christ's most noble soldiers. May all that are left in this World, keep up the good fight of faith, and lay hold on eternal life.

    God Bless you Mrs. Curington. I pray our Heavenly Father's love will surround you and your precious children. I trust God will see you through this most difficult time in your life.

    In Christ's Love,

    Pastor Beeman

  26. When no one else cared, Steve did. This is how Jesus is supposed to look to people.

  27. I was blessed to have been able to meet Steve on a trip he took with his wife Lori to Texas to visit a graduation program. Steve was such a great man and took us out for pizza and we got to see how much of a great guy he truly was. His passion for RU and Jesus was amazing.Lori you and your children are in my prayers at this most difficult time. Please know that you are not alone in your pain and the God of all comfort will comfort you and those of us who knew Steve will always be around for you.

  28. The Lord restored our son Donald through the ministries of this faithful man. Although Brother Curington has gone to be with our beloved Savior Jesus the Holy Spirit remains. May He find another as faithful to continue the work of this great man. Jeffrey and Karen Barnes Columbiaville, MI

  29. i had the know steve he had a big part of my life. i know him from the mens home. my name is joshua haldeman. i will miss him so much. god has him now.god bless

  30. It's so hard to hear this kind of news, even for those who know the one that has passed is with our Lord. GLORIOUS for him but sad for his family. I feel like I know Steve personally though we've only met once briefly at our church (Granite Baptist, Glen Burnie MD) when he was a guest speaker.

    It always seemed as if he was right there with us at our church Friday night RU meetings through his RU videos. Will keep his wife and children in our prayers, as well as the RU staff. In Sympathy Karen

  31. I just am feeling, this morning, who was I to cry over a man I hardly knew very well. Yet, as with all my brothers and sisters in Christ God helps us to feel that “family ” feeling. The more I thought about it, I realized that with out RU, I would not be anywhere near the place in my walk that I am today. This program helped me to make up incredible lost /wasted time in my life. I thank God for Steve and his family. Lori, my heart goes out to you. You will be in my prayers daily.

    Because He Lives,

    Candice Vachon

    Curtis Corner Baptist Church

    Wakefield, RI

  32. Sorry to hear about the Home Going of Brother Steve Currington, as my daughter text me about his passing by way of the earth. Will be praying for the family and the church & RU family staff.

    John 14;1-3

  33. I am praying for the family. I am a member of Cleveland Baptist Church and I help out in the R.U. ministry there. When my Dad passed away someone told me this saying ” It's not goodbye it's goodnight see you in the morning.” I hope that this might help you in some way.

  34. When our church decided to be an out post for RU we have never been blessed more than to listen and learn from Brother Steve, he was vibrant of his love for our Lord Jesus! It was catching and feeling his enthusisam wanting for all to know “Ye shall know the truth and truth shall make you free!!” He came in our lives just in the nick of time for my husband to be there right now having the opportunity to have heard God's word through Brother Steve and many others on how to break free and live a Godly, wholesome life with Lord Jesus!! The love of Christ was showed through him and we will miss him very much but also know that he is where he has strived towards and that we will soon glorify in the presence of the Lord with him!!!! We are thinking of you all and you are in our prayers!!

  35. May our Lord comfort and bless his wife and family at this difficult time in their lives. Our prayers are with each of you.

  36. “The memory of the just is blessed.” What a wonderful testimony and impact for Christ on so many lives. No doubt, there was a hero's welcome into heaven.

  37. I am one of thousands that can say that God used Brother Steve to change my life in ways I never thought possible. You see it seems that many win souls to Christ but stop there. Brother Steve Goes much further. He gets us involved in the local Church. He gets us to where God uses us. I hate to think where my life would be today if God hadn't put RU in my life. I am so grateful to Brother Steve for opening his heart to God to be used in such great ways.

    What a loss for this world that he is gone now. I can only pray that God uses me even a small percent of how He used Brothr Steve.

    My Prayers go out to his family and the many many whose lives he has touched.


    Mark Waters

  38. Bro Curington's ministry will not be fully realized till we get to heaven. God enabled him to help thousands of local churches reach and help others like no other man. Our church is one of many that just started a local chapter and our director attended the last National Conference and came back on fire for God. My heart was deeply saddened while not knowing him personally through his ministry I had come to love and admire him. May God's grace strengthen and sustain his wife and children in the days ahead. His life is now complete but his work carries on.

  39. So sorry, as a member of RUI I feel that I know him intimately….I've heard that “chili cheese surprise” story so many times…quotes from him run thru my mind, “its easier to keep the heart cleanthan it is to clean it up after it has been defiled.” Thank you Steve! You are in a better place!

  40. His walk with Christ changed mine and that is exactly how God allows it to work. Praising God for his life and praying for the many loved ones that God will draw very near to them at this time of need. God is faithful, true and makes no mistakes. Well done thy good and faithful servant.

    Connee Burton,

    Court Street Baptist Church, Port Huron, Michigan

  41. Ps. 116:15 ” Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.”

    What a precious time it must have been in heaven yesterday afternoon! I thank God for Bro. Steve's friendship and leadership. First met him in late 1997. I'll always remember his call of sympathy and encouragement when God suddenly took my wife, Jan, home 3/7/07. My heart breaks for Mrs. C and the kids. Prise God that one day we will fully understand why! Until THEN, I will miss you, my brother!

  42. I always remember Steve preaching the principle “how many people will be at your funeral”. Once again Steve will bring down the house to the “Glory of God”..
    Oh how our hearts grieve for the loss of such a personable man who loved us all.
    Praying for Lori and the children.
    Joyce & John
    Menomonee Falls, Wi

  43. My heart goes out to Lori, the children, RUI and North Love! Please know God used Brother Curington to help so many people, he was a friend truly compassionate making a difference!

  44. Brother Curington was a great man. This is a huge loss. It may be impossible to fill his shoes but please know how much our Christian circle needs to keep his passion alive. The first time I heard him speak I was touched beyond reason. I soon discovered my adult son was an addict. God was using Brother Curington in my life before I knew I needed him. I will join the thousands of others who will be praying for his friends, co workers and family.

  45. My prayers go out to Brother Steve's family and Ministry. Reformers Unanimous made a huge impact on my life and gave me the light I needed to get back in touch with my Father and lead a drug free life. This RU program saves lives everyday. Thank You Brother Steve, we love you!!

  46. so sorry and saddened at the home going of a great giant in the work of our Lord. God bless his family, his ministry, and all he was involved in, may someone step into his footsteps to carry on, as his work is so greatly needed

  47. Our prayers are with our friends in Rockford. We pray that God's grace has been abundant supplied for the Curington family, Ben Burks family, Pastor Kingsbury family, North Love Baptist Church family, and RU nation.

    Bro. Steve will be greatly missed by so many. God is good…all the time!

  48. May God comfort the hearts of his family, and give those in the RUI ministry the wisdom of God to guide it through the transition of leadership. Every person I've ever told the Steve Currington story to was effected as God bore witness to the events He used to raise up a ministry to help the addicted and set the prisoner free. We are praying for you folks. God bless you.

  49. I had the privalege to meet Steve and His Wife at the conferance 2 years ago. I have attended RU for about that long. I enjoyed his preaching very much. Iwill be praying for the family.

  50. Steve was suposed to be preaching at my church today. I was on my way to get my pastor and we were going to the airport to pick him up. I had so been looking forward to talking with Steve. I know God has a plan. But i am still Sad.

  51. I just saw this. I didnt know Steve nor his family,however this touched my heart so much that I want to leave this message. Only Jesus can heal your broken hearts. Im sooo sorry! God bless you and your family,love your sister in Christ,Sherry Haist

  52. Luisjimenezb: Just to let you know, no one is a “just a” … nursery worker is one of the most pivatel and most important of all ministries. so you are no a “just a” … you ARE a servant of God! 🙂

  53. Dear Lori and Family,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you and your husband at our church as he came to preach. I was a member of RU. Steves ministry and message kept me clean in the first days of my absense from drugs. I will never forget what Steve and your family has done for me and my family. I pray that you hold each other close in this time of sorrow. Steve is happily sitting next to his Savior, what a joy that is to know. Please take care.

    Stacy Collins

    Steadfast Baptist Church

    Groton, CT

  54. I am so sorry to hear about Bro. Curington, His programReformers Unanimous has saved my life the I heard about his program and started to go to R.U. every Friday. My life with our Saviour Jesus Christ has gotten stronger by R.U. My local Church is Parkview Baptist Church in Lavonia Michigan. Last year we had the Privlage of meeting and talk to Bro. Curington Sept. 2009. My thoughts and Prayers are with Bro. Curington's Family and the RU Homes and Chapters Throughout the World. He will never be forgotten. Love in Christ, Bob Tullock

  55. With tears in my eyes I will tell my testimony again after many years as a servant in RU and RU Jail Ministry. I was sitting in church when Pastor asked a question about needing people to volunteer to work in the RU ministry which he had heard about and wanted to get started. In my mind I asked myself who in the world would devote every Friday night for the rest of their lives to this RU?? And yet the Lord tied a string around my finger and to my amazement my hand was held up high. I met the most wonderful man, someone who impacted my life greatly in Steve Currington. I was priviledged over several years to hear him preach, teach (one time in my backyard!), and most of all share his passion for the addicted. We have seen many miracles both in the Friday night and Jail ministry, and MANY saved!! It would be my guess that Bro Currington's outreach must have touched hundreds of thousands of lives and will continue to reach many more. Praise the Lord, He is Good, all the time. Our heart is deeply saddeded for Lori and children.

    Mike and Julie Randall, Longmont Colorado

  56. I was part of the RU ministry for nearly 4 years in Hawaii and loved each and every Friday night.

    And then I taught some of his 10 Principle lessons at 2 different churches. I always wish I could have had his zeal and his enthusiasm.

    He will be missed for sure.

    I will be praying for his family along with the ministry…

    John C

  57. My 22 year old son is the leader of our Ru group in Georgia…My daughter is the leader of the ladies…One thing I always looked forward to was the explanations of the principals…he would speak right to me and I could finally laugh a little with myself…that identifying is the so needful…We will miss you Steve…you are and will always be a blessing in my home..Linda McDonald

  58. Praying for the Curington family and North Love Church. I am forever grateful for RU and the change it has made in my life. As the song goes, Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed. Love and prayers always. Cindy Turner

  59. Sherri and Marvin Thomas: Our prayers are with Steve's family. He will be truely missed but will be in our hearts and prayers. He was a blessing in our family and I am sure in several others as well. We never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but he was considered a friend and our brother.

  60. I was shocked to hear the news, I was out of town and tried to imagime on my journey home, what his family must be thinking. No doubt,memories- like an old 8 mm film, must be playing in their head's of happier times. My prayer is that his children will oneday know how much their dad really meant to so many people.

  61. Bro. Currington has touched many lives here in Somerset Ky. My life has been touched by a man that I only knew on video. I loved the Chili Fries Suprise and our group learned about God and what he could do and wanted to do with our lives. I want to say thank you to the family of one man who gave my son, my friends and so many others a chance to begin again. Oak Hill Baptist Church in Somerset Ky has seen what God can do for those bound by addictions. My faith was restored because I attended R.U. to support my son. Praying for you all. In Christ Love, Kathy Sams

  62. I am so very deeply saddened by the news of this. Although i never met him personally, i have received his newsletters and read through various RU articles as well as watched many videos of his. Nevertheless, i am stunned. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the entire family, as well as the RU family. You all will be kept in my prayers.

    Kimmi McKnight

  63. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and He saves those whose spirits are crushed Psalm 34:18

    I pray that God wraps his arms around Steves's family and the RUI family and walks you gently through these diffcult days.

    Harold and Karen Scott

    The Gospel House

    Walton Hills, Ohio

  64. Our prayers go out to Laurie and the children in the this time of Brother Currington's sudden home going. We started RU here at our church in July and I have been challenged each Fri. night by a man I have never met. God has used Brother Steve more then ever and will continue to use him. Like others, I have never met him personally, but I thank God how He has used him. I believe the RU ministry will even grow stronger because of this.
    I think of one of our supported missionaries in Romania who said '15' have come to know Christ as Savior and are now members serving the Lord in just this year. Thank you Lord for using Brother Steve; even though we would have like to keep him with us, but you always have a better plan.
    Dave & Cora Parritt
    Muskegon, Mi.

  65. Just heard this morning About Steve's Passing. It was a shock to hear My prayers go out to his friends & family at this time of loss.

  66. My heart goes out to Steve's wife Laurie and their children. It also goes out to everyone who was involved with Brother Curington in the RU ministry, the homes and North Love Church. I know this will leave a void in your lives, but I also know that God is good and He always has a purpose and a plan. I will be praying for all of you.

    I feel fortunate that I got to meet Bro. Curington a year ago at the RU convention in Rockford. In reality I had met Him about a year earlier when I attended my first RU meeting. I have been attending for close to two years now and I have seen so many lives changed by this wonderful program.

    A few of us have traveled about 160 miles round trip every Friday night to another state to be part of RU, (that's how blessed we have been by Bro. Curington and all of his godly wisdom and the way he has pointed so many to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    God bless you all.
    Pete Bass

  67. To have only shaken his hand once 11 days ago at a RU training conference, this man had an amazing impact on my life. There are no words for the gratitude I'll forever hold in my heart for this ministry. ~Romans 8:28

  68. Laurie,
    Our prayers are with you and your children. We wish we could be there at this time. We are now serving at a church in southern Maine. We are thinking of you, though.

    Nathan & Kristen Bodwell

  69. SOOOO SORRY for loss of such a great individual.Our deepest sympathy to all the FAMILY.MO and Katy Partridge.Rockton Ill His brother Danny is lead singer in my sons band AUDIO DRIVE…..

  70. 35 days ago God blessed me by allowing me to attend my first RU National Conference in Rockford, IL. I have been in the RU program at Newark Baptist Temple in Heath, Ohio for 1 year. I “Praise God” for the pleasure of meeting Brother Steve, getting photos together, shaking his hand & experiencing the powerful presence of God throughout the week. This conference & this program have brought me much closer to Christ & my wife & family. My week in Rockford took me from an “Agripe life to Agape LOVE”. I wish I could attend his celebration of life but regret I cannot travel to Rockford at this time. His wife, children, family & the RU Program will always be in my prayers. Deepest condolences to Steve's family, Ken & Dianne Wiechert, Heath, Ohio

  71. Know that our prayers are with Bro. Steve's family and the folks at RU. We are saddened at this tragic loss, yet praise God that our brother is with our Lord. We “sorrow not as others who have no hope.”

    Pastor Dave Smith

    Rose Park Baptist Church

    Holland, MI

  72. A terrible loss for us. But a gain for heaven. No one here has the answer to “why”, but we all know that it is a part of God's plan. May God contionue to bless and comfort Laurie and the children, and all of the RU family that is grieving.


  73. very sad when I heard the news. I am in the program now and I like it,good fellowship and teaching. I'm learning to let go and let god,you will be missed steve

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