RUI Director’s Report – October 19, 2011

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Founders Friday

We are one week away from Founders Friday!  Keep us in touch with the results and blessings of this day.  If you need our services for anything, please call.  I trust each director participating has received yourfree packet and gift from us; but if not, please call us today!


New Advertising Methods

At the National Conference, we produced four flyers with advertising methods that we’ve used in Rockford with varying degrees of good success. These advertising methods were yard signs from yard; a PSA billboard through Lamar Advertising; radio ads; and ads on the TV show Intervention through your local cable provider. In the information for the Intervention commercials, we shared with you a gentleman in the Rockford area with whom we worked to negotiate good prices for us. He is able to negotiate prices with every cable network across America. If you are considering advertising through cable on the show Intervention, it is our recommendation that you call Jeffrey Addotta with Forward Equity marketing. Unfortunately, the phone number listed on the flyer was incorrect. He is still receiving voicemails for that number; however, he has asked us to pass along to you his direct number and cell phone number. His direct line is 815-977-4568 and his cell phone number is 815-218-8828


If you have any questions about these advertising methods, please call our office at 815-986-0460 and ask to speak with me.


Leadership communication

Leadership communication is not elevator music! You must know what your purpose is. Don’t leave people guessing at it.  Getting the message across is changing in the world where we live. I have lived through the generational changes and have noticed in my travels that the message is not always clear to everyone. 


I recently heard some new members in a church I was visiting comment on how many assumptions are made concerning information the church members are expected to know.  I have noticed Pastors who pay big attention to little details and watched how others appreciate this aspect in a Pastor.  I was in one church earlier this week where the ladies restrooms are under construction.  The Pastor posted a prominent note on the door before you ever enter the facility to apologize for any inconveniences and to prioritize proper perspective of his desires while people come to visit or serve.  Amen!  I was impressed and knew someone was busy to communicate effectively. 


The content of what we communicate, whether in writing or on our feet, should get across what’s on our minds in a way our audience can grasp.   What’s my point?   Whether it is a message introduction or invitation on Friday or a bulletin announcement, preparations must be given in order to do it right.  How, exactly, do I want understanding to change as a result of this communication? In other words, the whole object of communication lies in some change in the way your audience understands the situation. 


Take some time this week to encourage your leadership and your students with direct sentences and statements that improve the presentation of the message to your followers. 


Travels in Michigan

Sheridan Road Baptist Church had a ten year anniversary weekend.  The Director, Allen Badour is doing a fabulous job.  They had 89 people for the Friday night with one saved.  The director said for the last 9 weeks they have had people saved every week.  My family and I had a wonderful time as we were a part of this special weekend.  God met with us during every service on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Dr R.B. Ouellette and the First Baptist Church hosted their Church Triumphant Conference on Monday and Tuesday.  It was ajoy to spend time with this good Pastor who has faithfully promoted the RU ministry both in his own community and to other preachers.  Pastor Scott Cowling is doing a tremendous job as the RU Director.  I enjoyed meeting the students and families that God has changed in and through this church and particularly their outreach to the addicted.  I was honored to be a part of the workshops during this conference and sensed God’s help in being a blessing to those who attended.  Several pastors discussed starting a chapter for which we are grateful and excited. 


Pray for us in Rockford the rest of this week as we video record some of the training for our training series and the  AU-Online project which is launching soon.  (More details to come later!)


Travel Schedule Please continue to pray for our family and our travels for RUI. 

Below is our upcoming schedule:



20-21 North Love Baptist Church – Rockford, IL (Rockford Training Days)

28-30 Belle Meadows Baptist Church – Bristol, Va



13-14 Faith Baptist Church – Oakridge, Tn

19-20 Grace Baptist Church – Montibello, Ca

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God led Ben and his family (wife, Wendy; and three children, Josh, Caleb, and Hannah) to Rockford, Illinois in 2003 to become the International Director of the fastest growing addiction ministry in the United States. Bro. Burks is now privileged to travel and train others how to help the addicted within their communities.

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