RUI Director’s Report – October 12, 2011

Founder’s Friday

The end of this month marks the one-year anniversary of Steve Curington’s hom=
egoing. I want to thank each director who signed up to participate in the 1=
st annual Founder’s Friday.
It is not too late for others to sign up, but in order to receive the free photographs, you must register by end of day today at You can also call our offices and speak to Michie DeBerry or Wendy Burks. Those who are registered will receive a packet that is being mailed out today, as well as online instructions sent via email. This is a great opportunity to make a “dark” day in our ministry’s history shine “brightly”!Nothing would be greater to show his family than to see their husband/father’s life and ministry continuing to be used in such a prominent way.If you have any questions or need further information, please call us today!

Pastor’s Report

I am thrilled to report that many directors/chapters responded to sending the weekly requested information in the new Pastor’s report.  Thank you!  Our desire is to have every chapter participate with this change to streamline the effectiveness of our staff and gathering of these numbers for statistical purposes.Re-read this section and please call me if you have questions:

The director’s report idea was improved and re-commissioned at this year’s conference. Instead of a Director’s Report, it has been changed to a Pastor’s Report. It is more important for directors to weekly be accountable to the Pastor for the development and health of the chapter. I will be recording a video soon to release to each Pastor on how this report properly read will aid in the development of the RU local chapter. Let it be reconfirmed at this time that no director answers to us in Rockford, but to their local church pastor. This report is two-sided. The front side is the small section of information we are requesting to receive from directors. If you will be faithful in this area, it will help us serve you better and provide national statistics for future development. You can download the pdf or the word document from The section of information we are requesting will take less than two minutes to upload to us by visiting The software, FastTrack, is now updated to generate this report so you can print it out, enter the data, enter any notes to your Pastor and leave in his inbox before the night is complete. To receive the updated software, email fasttrack@reformu.comand ask for the upgrade.

Conference Blessings

Here are some notes of encouragement that we received after this year’s National Conference:

From someone who attended our new chapter training – Good Lord willing, we would like to start our chapter at the first of the new year. I would also like you to discuss with my Pastor what start-up kit would best suit our church. I am so charged and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us!

From a chapter Director – I just wanted to let you know how much that I enjoyed the conference last week. It was absolutely tremendous, and the vision that was presented Wednesday evening was exciting. I have been busy with our chapter since last Tuesday mapping out a plan to implement the themes and takeaways that the conference provided.

 From a chapter leader – Thank you to all the staff at RUI and Pastor Kingsbury for a life changing conference. We arrived safely home the Lord having gripped our hearts.

Threshold Book

Before going to Heaven, Steve Curington planned to write a fourth and final book to complete the Gaining Remaining Fruit Discipleship Series.It was originally set to be presented at the 2010 Conference, but his schedule and other commitments and books did not allow him to finish this project.”We will do it next year” was his comment to the staff.Having been left with this admonition, we knew it needed to be completed!He began it, and we just helped to finish it! So, at the 2011 Conference, the Threshold Study Course, complete with golden awards, was made available to all chapters. (Additional note: the Threshold tests will be uploaded this week to!)

Though none of the other books had a dedication, we the staff of RU, desired to dedicate this book to five people we love and treasure.Here is the dedication that was read on Wednesday morning of this year’s conference:

The Threshold Study Course is the fourth and final book of the Gaining Remaining Fruit Discipleship Series.It is preceded by the Strongholds, Uphold, and Behold Study Courses. The Gaining Remaining Fruit (GRF) series is a discipleship program written by

Steven B. Curington

and was designed to help any individual not only find the Truth, but also live the Spirit-filled life. This discipleship course has literally helped countless thousands of individuals across the world.

It is with this thought that we, the staff of Reformers Unanimous, dedicate this final book to five very precious people Charity, Chase, Channing, Chance, and Cherish – thank you for sharing your dad with the world.

Because of your sacrifice of time with your earthly father, he was the instrument God used to start over 800 Reformers Unanimous chapters across the world. Your dad wrote a full-line of curriculum to help not only the addicted find freedom, but to help any individual live the victorious Christian life.  He authored many books that have been used to help many people.He started the RU Schools of Discipleship, providing intense training to those in whom others had lost hope. He traveled the country, sharing the truths of the Hidden Life, to congregations at hundreds of churches. He was able to do all of this, because you lovingly shared your dad with those who needed the love of a heavenly Father, and we believe that GREAT will be your reward in heaven.

As much as we miss your dad, we know it pales in comparison to your loss.He was our leader, our mentor, our boss, and our friend. But…he was your dad. Though we all may miss him here, may we find comfort in knowing that we will all see him again one day…and what a day that will be!

With sincere love and appreciation,

The Reformers Unanimous Staff

Sharing is Caring

God led Ben and his family (wife, Wendy; and three children, Josh, Caleb, and Hannah) to Rockford, Illinois in 2003 to become the International Director of the fastest growing addiction ministry in the United States. Bro. Burks is now privileged to travel and train others how to help the addicted within their communities.

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