RU Recovery, under the leadership of Dr. Paul Kingsbury, has partnered with many pastors, RU directors, and families over the years to help those with non-functioning destructive behaviors find victory through the ministry of the RU Schools of Discipleship. Many graduates from our homes have transitioned back to their families, communities, and churches and have become productive members of society as well as faithful serving church members through the continued discipleship of God’s intended support group-the local New Testament Church.

RU Covered would like to partner with pastors and RU directors to help ease the cost of tuition for the RU Homes. Many times those struggling with addiction have depleted their own personal resources before seeking the help they desperately need. Unfortunately, the same behavior has exhausted the resources of others that have tried to help them as well.


By participating in monthly support of $100 or more, your RU director or pastor will be able to offer to any applicants that you recommend a 50% reduction in tuition costs. We have found that by lowering the cost of the tuition, pastor and directors have been empowered to offer more help to those struggling with addiction in their churches and communities. However, the facilities and faculty demand a financial overhead that will not allow for such a discount. RU Covered will help offset the cost of the overhead while keeping the tuition to RU Covered supporters at a considerable discount.



Supporter Agreement
  • By completing the information below, you are agreeing to participate in the $100 monthly support of our Schools of Discipleship. Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you to help your students on their journey to recovery and lasting freedom.
  • You can support us with a monthly check, a debit/credit card, or a bank draft. You will be contacted by our RU Partners Director as a Follow Up to answer any questions and give you the details concerning payment options.


RU Covered Restrictions – Support must be 3 months current and remain current while the student is in our program.