FRIDAY SUGGESTIONS:  Directors, show your love every single week.  No matter how hard your week, no matter your personal struggles, no matter your battle-love them with humble transparency.  Humilty is allowing people to see you as you really are.  PROJECTION is killing our brethren.  Do not project yourself to be someone you are not.  It will wear you out and those who follow you will be lost and wander aimlessly.  Only the Truth makes free!  Share your hurts and struggles, but do so as a symbol of love for their hurts and struggles.  Don’t share your struggles in a way in which they will feel sorry for you, but rather in a way they will simply follow you.

INTERNATIONAL WORSHIPS & SHOPS: The Kingdom of God is a reward that is available both here and now through an abiding agape relationship with Father God.  Heaven is a place of love and so can be our heart.  Please study John 15 and pour the simple overflow of its truths to your students.  Prepare them for the “Way of Agape.”  And by all means, be here for this year’s Conference!  I call every director, leader, helper, and student to consider what could possibly be more important on the week of September 27-30 than our International Workshops and Conference.  Pastors, on behalf of our man of God, Dr. Kingsbury, I would like to equally implore you to explore what God is doing through the ministry of Reformers Unanimous everywhere else by visiting us here.  In Rockford, we and our students are nothing without our church and the “gates of hell support” she provides us.  Likewise, your chapter will be nothing without your church and our churches are useless assemblies of apathy without Jesus Christ-Agape Incarnate!

THANKS FOR A SUCCESSFUL GRAND OPENING:  Well, we didn’t crash the server, but we had one great Grand Opening for our new Web Store!  Special thanks to Will Fowler for all his work to improve the quality of our web store by tenfold or more!  Nearly 2,000 people visited in just one day.  Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will continue to check out our weekly and monthly specials.  As for now, we continue until the end of the month with our sale of 30% off most every product.  If you haven’t invested in your personal walk, please do so soon or miss out on the highest savings ever offered.  Please remember some items are available only while supplies last.

NEW CHAPTER WEB STORE COMING NEXT:  Chapter directors, secretaries, or chapter purchases – your site is next!  Bro. Fowler continues his exemplary work in preparing a high-powered, well-developed website offering many new “bells and whistles.”  Bro. Barry is working on new chapter specials and I am working on new  discount strategies  for awards and curriculum.  Yes!  We will soon be offering discounts that will reach bookstore percentages.  As God has provided increased collective buying power through chapter growth and vendor sacrifice, we are ramping up strategies to become a greater source for addiction recovery and relationship restoration.   So many hurting people are being helped through the resources of Reformers Unanimous.  It truly is a blessing to be a blessing.  But those blessings would fail to abound and those discounts would never develop if it were not for your desire to reach people.  Thanks for your agape love.  It’s the only way to bring the Truth to their life.

R.U.T.H. GRAND STAND:  Well, our grand opening is just “around the corner” as we wait on the fire marshall to test every single fixture and mechanical equipment.  Remember, rules are NOT a terror to good works (Romans 3:13).  If you quote that 1,000 times today, you will catch up with us!  J We are having a PRE-GRAND OPENING this Sunday at 3pm and should gain occupancy next week and move in at the same time we anticipated-the first of the month.  However, we will hold the actual Grand Opening until we have done all of the above and can focus on making that event all it should be.  We are begging God to provide the financing for the costs of this remodel, less the charitable receipts to date.  Please join us in that prayer and consider whose life our home may help.

Sharing is Caring

God led Ben and his family (wife, Wendy; and three children, Josh, Caleb, and Hannah) to Rockford, Illinois in 2003 to become the International Director of the fastest growing addiction ministry in the United States. Bro. Burks is now privileged to travel and train others how to help the addicted within their communities.

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