RU National Update: Addiction Recovery News

CELEBRATION!  MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The 2010 National Conference and training workshops will be held in Rockford, Illinois, on September 27-30. The primary focus of the teaching this year will be on AGAPE LOVE!  It is an unselfish, sacrificial love.  This love is the only key to overcoming the sins of apathy, the lethargy of the status quo, the negligence of addictive sins, and the selfishness of coping mechanisms.  In remembering that “God is love,” we see the only way to achieve success in our lives and ministry is by yielding to the greatest of these.  More details later… 

COMMUNICATION: New!  Next week, our first ever published retail catalog will be mailed to select individuals.  If you would like us to send one to a former student who may not be on our database, please send us the information by next Friday, January 16.  Our prayer is that the Lord will use this catalog of helpful tools to generate interest on their part to return to your RU sponsored discipleship class.  For those of you who participate in this endeavor, we would love to hear testimonies of success from returning students.

MEDITATIONS: My heart and thoughts are centered on you today as I think of the many people who have ever been touched with addiction.  This, my friend, includes you…for you see, all sin is addictive.  I love the ministry of helping addicted people find freedom, for that is what God has called me to do.  I want to help as many of you and yours as the Lord will enable me to help.  This passion to help you drives me to find as many ways possible to serve you and assist you in developing a rich, vibrant, dynamic life IN Christ.  Helping others was Christ’s commission, it is my commission, and it should be your commission, for it is the “Great Commission”!

SUPPLICATION #1: Prayer Needed for Staff:  Please keep the staff of Reformers Unanimous International in the forefront of your prayers until the middle of February, as our company lay-off continues until then.  Let me express that in the midst of this, God has been very good!  We have no complaints for the lessons this trial of our faith has brought.  As well, I want you to know that many of our staff are actively attempting to raise their personal missionary support from families and their sending churches to assist in lightening the current financial burden our ministry has faced as of late.  With the growing needs of the addicted and those trying to minister to them nationwide, we cannot afford to be understaffed in the carrying of this burden; therefore, we had to find a way to cut cost, but not cut staff.  This is the solution God has given us, with the help of previously paid unemployment insurance, we are living on less, but God does more abundantly bless!  Should you have a staff person whom you may want to personally invest, please do not hesitate to contact us.  It thrills my soul to see other Christians stepping up to assist fellow soldiers of the cross.

I am glad our staff has helped so many people in the field and it thrills my heart to see many people helping them.  Please pray most importantly for this next need, for it is the primary reason for SUPPLICATION #1:

SUPPLICATION #2: Prayer Needed for men in the Discipleship Homes:  The greatest burden in our ministry is regaining employment for the men in the home. Please make finding work for the men in our discipleship home a matter of immediate prayer.  Outside work has been limited in our area for quite some time.  Jobs are scarce with nearly 12% unemployment.  As well, those who are not employed serve unselfishly, but work in their volunteer work at RU doesn’t really fit some of their field of expertise and so some become quite restless in their roles.  It is not healthy, spiritually or physically, for them to be idle or underworked.  Work is a part of their development and training while here.  Please partner with us in prayer for this specific need: More jobs for our men.

HABITATION: RUTH update:  We were scheduled to open by now but right before the holidays, we received bad news.  The city has “altered” our site plans and has required us to double our showers.  This is forcing us to remodel a portion of all three wings.  The biggest expense will now require us to upgrade our plumbing that runs into the building from 2 inch pipe to 2.5 inch.  What was required, bid, and budgeted at 20K has now been changed and rebid at 68K for labor only!  We are desperately praying for an Illinois plumber who can pull a permit and manage our men and other Christian plumbers who could come to Rockford assisting us in this endeavor.  This is the ONLY thing keeping us from moving into to this miracle mansion that God gave us last year.  God has apparently seen fit to defer our hope and increase our faith yet once again!  We trust Him for His provision.

COMMENDATION: SPECIAL thanks to those of you who kept your chapters open on Christmas and New Year’s Day.  At our chapter, numbers were down and leaders received the night off.  We had first talk and watch a Christian movie both nights and guess what?  ONE PERSON got saved on EACH night!!!  That’s such a confirmation that we should always be open.  Like our banners say: EVERY Friday night.  Here is another note of praise (sent to Bro. Ben Burks by an RU Chapter Director):

Praise God Brother Ben,
On Friday, Christmas Day, we had decided to have our RU Class and, Glory to God, 32 people showed up. There were 7 new visitors. We did a modified program and were out by 8:15. The testimonies were phenomenal and numbers of decisions were made. A number of those visitors were in church on Sunday. Praise His Name!!     Pastor G

EXHORTATION: Finally, let me encourage you personally today to take part in this volunteer poll that was a recent challenge for our entire staff:

Answer Yes or No. (But do not send to me)

Did you talk with God today?
Did you track His promptings in your Daily Journal?
Did you ask Him questions?
Did He lead you to encourage anyone today?
Did you act upon that leading?
Did your time with God produce a day long thought for meditation?
Did you write that meditation down?
Do you intend to consider that med to maintain peace with God and others today?

If you answered NO to more than a couple of these questions, then TODAY you are living in direct contradiction to the very teachings the ministry of Reformers Unanimous promotes.

If you would have to answer “NO” to more than a couple of these questions more days of the week than not, then you may have unintentionally become a hypocrite. Will God bless you?  If not, will God also chasten you?

If you are so doing as we teach, will God bless you?  If we as a whole are so doing, will God bless us all?

“The blessings of the Lord, it maketh rich and He addeth no sorrow with it.”  Proverbs 10:22

Thanks for your participation in this volunteer poll.

We love you @ RU!

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  1. 4 more men at the Dakota County Jail accepted Christ as Savior last night during R.I.P. the program is also bearing fruit in our local church as well. We officially kicked off RIP on November 6th 2009 and last night had 5 adults attend RU in Rosemount MN that were a direct result of men that had been released since that November 6th start date, and two of them brought Family Members.

    Praise the Lord!

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