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Directors of local RU chapters should have their 2010 advertising plan ready!  If not, consider scheduling some time during the Christmas and New Year’s break to get a yearly calendar and begin to write in your plan for promoting your addiction program, where they can learn the truth about addictions and the Truth can make them free… finally!

Begin by scheduling the “Battle is on Plan” –

Operation Church Congregation:
A new aspect of this outreach is the use of the newly released Outreach Emphasis Bulletin Inserts.  Schedule one to two Sundays a month to insert these handbills in your church bulletins.  This would also be a good opportunity for the Director to share blessings from the Friday night class and encourage church members to read the testimony and then pass it on to someone else.  They could also post them on bulletin boards at work and place on the counters of local businesses.   This would also work throughout the year in other churches that will participate.

Operation Population also has a new dimension that could really produce more visitors.  We have developed an RU Plus Brochure introducing the different programs that could be useful to help a student who may be in trouble with the courts.  Schedule some of the leadership and workers from the Friday night class to the courthouse in your community (particularly on drug court day) and pass out these brochures.  A simple statement is all that is needed as you hand them out, “Hello, we have something that can help people break the chains of addiction, if you do not need it, please pass it on to someone who does.” Schedule at least one Saturday a month for your RU team and students to go out in targeted neighborhoods to distribute tracts, inviting others to the program.

Operation Support Location: Find all the support programs in your community and the times that they meet.  (This would include all the “Anonymous” programs in your city and all the state supported treatment facilities.)  You will find that if you show up that you will be allowed to explain your program to their clients and also hand out your RU brochures.  This is a great opportunity to convince addicts to add a “spiritual search” to their recovery process.  Encourage group leaders 2-3 months out of the year to meet the students at a coffee shop, fellowship, and then go out together to accomplish this goal.  Weekly in Rockford, we pass out 7 blue brochures to every person who will participate in distributing them.  This is only one brochure per day! Multiply that times the number of students who participate, and that equals many brochures being distributed in your area!

Operation Storage Location
began by hanging our full color postures in the liquor stores.  This still works! Don’t stop there!  Have contests with your adults to hang them everywhere.  Schedule at least 4 poster hanging contest and/or opportunities throughout the year.  Once a quarter would be a minimum investment for a chapter who really wants the visitor count to climb on Friday nights.  Several times a year, you should make all the posters available for your church family after a service to take to their business break rooms, storefronts, cleaners, etc, for display.  You will be amazed at the number of posters that will be hung throughout your community.

Operation Filling Station
should be scheduled once a quarter and perhaps more often for seriously aggressive chapters!  These are done on Friday nights after class.  The attack is calculated and designed to take place in the parking lots of bars and bowling alleys by distributing brochures on the cars.  This has been one of the most effective strategies in Rockford, not only to reach more people, but get the group (as a whole) focused on outreach.

These are a few suggestions to start your plan.  Bro. Burks is fully available and would love to review your 2010 plan and make any suggestions.  I know it would be an encouragement to us and others for your plan to be seen and shared with others.  Please email them to

Are you looking for a DVD to “show off” the trophies of God’s grace in a transformed life?  Or have you been curious about the quality of the fruit that God produces through our men or women’s Schools of Discipleship in Rockford?  If so, may I suggest you invest in one of our recent graduation service DVD’s?  You can purchase a RU Schools of Discipleship DVD for only $9.00!  Show it to your class, your church, or watch it yourself on those days that you need to be reminded “why” you’re involved and called to the ministry of RU!  Call Barry today at 815-986-0460, ext. 108 and order DVD-708, which is the DVD from our most recent graduation.

Quotes that will “get” and “keep” you going
“If you want to see miracles, you have to go where Jesus is!” – Dr. Paul Kingsbury
“Directors, if your RU’s not growin’, then you’re not overflowin’!” – Bro. Steve Curington
“Don’t let your fire go out!” – Bro. Ben Burks

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2 thoughts on “RU Christmas Updates

  1. Thanks for the post.
    Nice list of operations! Putting a plan together to make the 2010 year better is something we all should do.

  2. Thanks for the post.
    Nice list of operations! Putting a plan together to make the 2010 year better is something we all should do.

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