Step Five

The wrong approach to starting a chapter is to gradually transition into the program. The right approach is to choose a starting date, and plan toward that starting date. Once you have selected your starting date, we will help you actively prepare as it approaches. We will help you schedule an RU Weekend Kick-Off at your church to get your program off the ground.

Your Kick-Off Weekend will include:

Friday Mock Session

This is a run through of your Friday night class, led by one of our missionaries. Even if you do not yet have all of the positions figured out, this will give you an idea of how it all works. We will help you figure out where on campus to hold your meeting, and specifically each Talk.

Saturday Training Session

This is designed to equip your chapter Leaders to do their part in leading your chapter. We will provide a template to print the Weekend Training Manual for everyone in attendance, so they can follow along. Bring your questions and anyone you think would benefit from this time. Church members are especially welcome.

Sunday Services

We will gladly serve in the pulpit of your church on Sunday. Sunday School, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening services would be great opportunities to challenge the church family through the preaching of God’s Word. Powerful video testimonies of changed lives can also be played upon request.

Fill out this short application to have a Kick-Off Weekend at your Church and someone will contact you shortly.

Kick-off Weekend Questionaire

  • What dates are your preference? Please list 3 preferred dates for one of our staff to hold a weekend workshop at your church. Please list in order of preference.