Welcome to our new Online Training Portal for RU Recovery Ministries.

This page is currently under construction and will be coming soon. We are very excited by what we will be able to offer here in the near future. Our hope is to help those involved in reaching their community for Christ. Especially those involved in the RU Ministry. There will also be course available for individual students. Here is a list of what we hope to be able to offer soon.


  • ┬áComplete Chapter Training
  • RU Director Training
  • Leader & Helper Training
  • Learning Materials for Students
  • Kidz Club Training
  • Full Throttle Training
  • RU Inside Jail & Prison Ministry Training
  • And More…

This training will include graded materials, lessons, test, and it will be certified.


This is not a replacement for attending a Training Conference but rather another avenue for continued education.

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