Objective Finding Form

This form is for leaders, department, and ministry heads to fill out. Marketing & Design is about problem-solving. It is about bringing the right solution the table. To do this we must discover your objectives.
  • Please specify the result you are hoping to achieve.
  • Without insight, novelty in our solutions is nearly impossible. And without gathering the data that informs that insight, we’re just throwing darts at the problem, hoping to hit on something unique. So the first hurdle isn’t deciding what data to gather, it’s deciding to gather data at all.
  • Ideation starts with evaluating the data you have gathered and discern the problem with your objective in mind. This may lead to a new problem, an edited version of the current problem, or it may validate the problem or goal that you began with.
  • Such as policy, standards, budget, or timeframes. Having a budget determined for a project will help advance your project to the top of the priority list.