RU Class Powerpoint

This powerpoint is great to run at the beginning of class before the class starts. Set this up to run before class so that as people are being seated before the class starts they can begin to get some information about the RU Class. Add to it with your own announcements.

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Download Icon RU Weekly PowerPoint

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Download Icon Seven Deadly Stresses

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RU Schools of Discipleship

Below are all the files you will need to enroll a student in need of more intense discipleship into the RU Schools of Discipleship Men’s and Women’s Homes. For more information visit Also be sure to ask about the RU Covered program for chapters and directors: LINK

Download Icon RU Program Requirements 2017

Download Icon RU Schools of Discipleship Application

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Download Icon Steve Curington Award Flyer

Download Icon Steve Curington Award Facebook Post

Text For Your Facebook Post:

RU Student,
In the coming year, one student will be chosen to receive the Steven B. Curington award. There were several qualities about RU’s founder that made him an excellent student of the Word of God. Our heart is that the recipient of next year’s award will be a student who models the same qualities.

Characteristics of a Steven B. Curington Award Winner:

1. This student has a consistent walk with the Lord through using the “It’s Personal” Daily Journal.
2. This student is faithful to grow in their faith by completing challenges every week.
3. This student is loyal to both the Pastor of their local church and the program of RU.
4. This student is passionate about getting others to come to RU and is a faithful witness.

We will be presenting these awards as part of our annual celebration of Founder’s Day 2017.

May God bless you this year as you continue to grow in His Word daily!