Breaking the cycle of addiction in families by teaching children how to have a dynamic love relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Note on Kids Club:

Kids Club is and has been for some time under construction. At the 2016 RU Recovery Conference, a new Vision for what Kids Club could possibly be was set forth. To fulfill this vision will require a lot of work and money to put together. We ask for your prayers as we mold and reshape Kids Club over the next few years. We also would appreciate any suggestions or content that you would like to share with us that you feel might be helpful to building the program. Please email for any questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions. To Donate towards the development of Kids Club visit and select Kids Club Development from the drop-down menu to designate your donation.

Catch Up with what was taught at this year’s National Conference: RUKidsClubWorkshops-Teacher.pdf

Kids Club Mission Statement

Kids Club can best be described as VBS every Friday night. A program filled with exciting activities, challenges, competition, and fun! Kids Club is designed to be a safe environment for the children of students attending the Friday night class. The purpose of Kids Club is to develop a child’s personal love relationship with Jesus Christ.

What is Kids Club?

There are four main purposes of the Friday Night RU Kids Club.

  1. To provide a service to the local RU Chapter.
  2. It provides a children’s ministry on Friday Night’s for the leaders and workers of the RU Ministry to send their children to so they can be free to work in this ministry
  3. It provides a safe place for the children of students who attend on Friday Night to bring their children so that they can attend without any hindrance.
  4. And then most importantly, Kids Club is a complete program to teach children from a young age how to have a personal walk and talk relationship with Jesus Christ.

This being said it is important to point out what Kids Club is not.

  1. It is not a babysitting service. It should only be open to the children of Friday Night Workers and Students.
  2. And it is not a bus ministry. We recommend that you do not bus children in on Friday Nights to a children’s program designed to compliment an addiction program.

What Makes Kids Club Different?

What makes Kidz Club different from all other children’s ministries that are similar is that we teach the children to not just memorize scripture, but to define it, meditate on it, and to apply it. As the child advances through the various levels they will eventually learn how to dissect and define the bible. The goal being to ease them into journaling which won’t be till the later levels. To teach them how to have a personal relationship with God.

The Kids Club Culture:

At Kids Club, we try to present a “VBS” style of excitement every single Friday. High energy, games, songs, prizes, and awards.

The core teachings of Kids Club

  1. The Truth Makes Free
  2. The Truth Is Jesus
  3. We need to Know the Truth. A Personal Relationship with Jesus.
  4. The Ten Principles for Overcoming Sin
  5. The Fruit of the Spirit vs. the Works of the Flesh
  6. Basic Bible Education – 10 Commandments, The Beatitudes, Books of the Bible, etc.

Supplemental Challenge Sheets:

Kids Club Supplemental Challenge Sheet – Scenic Route 1-4

Modifying Children's Behavior. Behavior Modification

Here are some resources for Kids Club.

Download Icon Kidz Club Reminder Cards

Download Icon Kidz Club Sample Donation Request Letter

Download Icon Kidz Club Letterhead

Download Icon Kidz-Club-Awards-Listed.pdf

Download Icon Games-for-Kidz-Club.pdf

Download Icon (Updated)

Download Icon Kidz-Club-Itinerary.pdf

Download Icon Accident-Incident-Report.pdf

Kids Club Starter Kits

To start a Kids Club you must be a Registered Chapter of the RU Recovery Program with a K#. You will need to have Chapter Access to the Webstore to be able to view and purchase these products. Our Kits are designed with three levels to try to meet the need of our chapters.

The Bare Bones Essentials Kit

Kids Club Bare Bones Essentials Starter Kit

The Bare Bones Essentials Kit is focused on Curriculum and covering the basics of running the program for up to 10 children to get you started.

The Advanced Kit

Kids Club Advanced Starter Kit

The Advanced Kit includes additional resources for giving your program a fun and professional look and feel. This goes a long way towards helping parents get immediately comfortable with leaving their children in your care. The advanced kit also supports up to 10 children and includes everything in the Bare Bones Kit but in addition, it includes Banners and Additional Resources.

The Pro Kit – Coming Soon

The Kids Club Pro Kit is everything in the Bare Bones Kit, and the Advanced Kit plus additional materials to support 20 Children.