Danger of Immorality

Proverbs 5:9,10 Dissected & Defined

Lest thou give thine honour (promotion) unto others, and thy years (prime time) unto the cruel: Lest strangers (belonging to another) be filled with thy wealth (strength); and thy labours (life’s) be in the house of a stranger;

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

This verse brings us to the sad conclusion of a man in an immoral relationship with another man’s wife. Solomon calls her a stranger. It means “belonging to another.” 

The Results of Immorality

Solomon tells us that he is in danger of losing his status in life. His opportunity for advancement is hindered. His prime years in life will be under observation by people who will not have his best interests at heart. That which once was his forté is now the strength of another. He will be under tribute forever.

It would be easy to look at this as a danger of immorality in the workplace. For it surely explains the damages of one’s career in specific detail. However, that is not the true “underlying meaning.” For one would simply find another job and gain emancipation from this curse!

The Cruel One That Will Hound You Because of Immorality

No, the cruel person that will hound you is not your boss, this strange woman’s husband, nor even your own spouse. This cruel person is not flesh and blood. It is a prince of a territory (a principality). His goal is to steal and to kill and to destroy. 

As you look at the awful results of this man’s mistake, you will see that everything of value in his life has been stolen. His potential has been killed, and his future destroyed. 

This is not the wreckage of a woman. This is the wreckage of a wile. A wile (scheme) of the devil. The wiles of the devil begin in the mind, convince the will, and stimulate the emotions. Then comes action! He plants this scheme in the mind of the other man’s woman and the other woman’s man. From there, it permeates the will of the two strangers. They belong to another, but they are longing for one another! This leads them to their emotional collapse.

The wile took a while, but it worked. That wile always begins in the mind. 

So….mind your own business, stranger!

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Steve Curington grew up in a Christian home and graduated from North Love Christian School in 1984. After high school, Steve started a 10-year addiction to alcoholism and cocaine. After a serious car accident, Steve found complete sobriety through his relationship with Jesus Christ. After his recovery in 1996, Steve began Reformers Unanimous, a faith-based addiction ministry. What started as a humble, Friday night addiction class with four regular attendees in Rockford, Illinois, grew to a class of more than 300 people from the community and then spread to other churches across the country and around the world. The founder of Reformers Unanimous International (RU) died suddenly on October 30, 2010. Mr. Curington, a husband and father of five children, was only 45, but he accomplished more in his 15 years of ministry than many do in a lifetime. We know his work, his writing, his voice, and his reach will live on.

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