Happy Thanksgiving… with a Gift from RU

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

(John 8:36)

In 1621, people came over to the New Land. They were looking for a new life filled with freedom. When they finally arrived and their journey had ended, they endured some unexpected adversity. Lack of food, death of fellow passengers, and the cold winter…were just a few of the difficulties they faced. During a time when their dreams of freedom had been reached…many of them became very discouraged. Nevertheless, America was founded on these humble beginnings and today we gather together with friends and family to celebrate those beginnings.

In 1996, Steve Curington began a little Bible study in a church in Rockford, Illinois specifically for those looking for freedom. Most of you reading this blog are taking that journey that Steve started almost 20 years ago. No doubt, some of you have finished the journey and have found that freedom that was so desired! However, some of you have probably also endured the adversity that inevitably comes with that journey, just like those pilgrims almost 400 years ago. Some of you may even find yourselves burdened with discouragement. First, remember that you are not alone. Secondly….realize that years from now people will celebrate the freedom you have found as it will pave the way for those who come after you!

With that in mind…we at RU want to do something for YOU on this special day!! We are thankful for you and for the journey you have taken. We want to help you – today – to overcome any discouragement you or a fellow “passenger” may be experiencing. So…we have a GIFT for you!! Today, we are giving you 15 free audio downloads for you to enjoy! These are past sermons from Steve Curington that will help you continue on your journey, through the adversities, and on to the bountiful blessings God has in store for you!

On this Thanksgiving Day, please remember that RU loves you!

We are giving away these valuable life-changing messages as an investment into YOU!


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