God Hates the Evil Way

Proverbs 8:13 Dissected & Defined

The fear (respect) of the LORD is to hate evil (which is to say, to hate): pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the forward (peevish) mouth, do I hate.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

There are not a lot of things that the Bible tells us that God hates, for our God’s focus is love. However, he does hate evil. He loves evil people, but he hates their evil. 

I think a lot of people misunderstand what God means by “evil.” I recently heard a man say that God flooded New Orleans because the people that lived there were evil. Yet, even that storm was followed by a rainbow. (Remember God’s promise!) No, that was not God’s judgment on evil men. That is yet to come. But what does constitute evil? 

Our verse reads that if you respect God you will hate evil. Solomon then defines what evil is: pride, arrogancy, the evil way, and froward talk. What does this all mean? For surely pride, arrogance, and froward speech are around us every day, not just in New Orleans. 

The Evil Way Isn’t Always What Others Are Doing, But What You Aren’t Doing to Help Others

Pride is an undue esteem of self. Arrogance is an undue disregard for others. The evil way is a course of life that engages in wrong behavior. It is a lifestyle of evil choices. A forward mouth is a peevish talker. That is someone who is apt to mutter and complain. They are hard to please. God hates this?!

Why, with the exception of an evil lifestyle, this doesn’t seem to be so bad. I have some of these problems myself at times. But I am NOT evil, am I? Unlike those in New Orleans, I am not gambling, doing drugs, drinking, or committing adultery. But what am I doing for the gamblers? What am I doing for the addicted? What am I doing for the adulterer? 

I will tell you what many are doing with those who choose this evil “way” or lifestyle. They are complaining, muttering, and criticizing—but doing nothing about it! If that is you, then you are proud and arrogant! You don’t care about others, you only care about your own. God hates it when we don’t care enough to help others. 

So, did you meet someone evil this morning?

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Steve Curington grew up in a Christian home and graduated from North Love Christian School in 1984. After high school, Steve started a 10-year addiction to alcoholism and cocaine. After a serious car accident, Steve found complete sobriety through his relationship with Jesus Christ. After his recovery in 1996, Steve began Reformers Unanimous, a faith-based addiction ministry. What started as a humble, Friday night addiction class with four regular attendees in Rockford, Illinois, grew to a class of more than 300 people from the community and then spread to other churches across the country and around the world. The founder of Reformers Unanimous International (RU) died suddenly on October 30, 2010. Mr. Curington, a husband and father of five children, was only 45, but he accomplished more in his 15 years of ministry than many do in a lifetime. We know his work, his writing, his voice, and his reach will live on.

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