Curington Family Update

Hello from the National Headquarters of RU! Today’s Story of Victory is different than any of the others we have ever distributed. This Story of Victory is for the sole purpose of giving you an update on the Curington family. On October 30, 2014, it will be four years since our ministry’s founder, Steve Curington, graduated to Heaven. He left behind a beautiful wife and five precious children, all of whom we love and adore.

As you can imagine, living without their beloved husband and father has served to be difficult at times. The family has gone through a myriad of emotions and struggles, but continues to serve the Lord and keep their focus on His will…only possible by the intimate relationship they have with Jesus Christ. Shortly after Bro. Curington’s passing, Lori and the children took a much needed vacation to Hawaii, here Steve had taken them several years ago.
This past month the oldest Curington, Charity, graduated from high school. It is hard to believe the little girl who we still picture with the dirty little dress as mentioned in one of the original Ten Principles has grown into a lovely young woman, ready to begin her college years. Charity is planning to attend West Coast Baptist College in the fall. The next three Curingtons bring a lot of activity into the household! Chase is entering high school this next year. At age 14, he is quite the leader. Channing, the middle Curington, is entering Junior High this next year and continues keep the family bonded with his tender heart. Chance, the youngest boy will be in 5th grade this fall. He is an ever present reminder of his dad, with his “orange” hair and mischievous smile. These three boys keep Lori busy in more ways than one! Cherish, the youngest, was only 4 years old when her dad went to Heaven. She has certainly changed a lot since then and will be entering grade 4 in the fall. Cherish, also with her dad’s hair color has every bit as much energy as he had! It has been a joy to watch these kids grow over the past 4 years; not just physically, but spiritually. Lori has continued to live her life fully submitted to her “umbrella of authority” allowing God to lead through her God-ordained leadership. There is no doubt that God has blessed her in great ways because of her obedience.

It is to this end that that we bring you exciting news on behalf of the Curington family. In January of 2013, Jay Nordmoe returned to North Love Baptist Church. Jay was once a faithful member of the church and was one of the original helpers in Reformers Unanimous, helping Steve pass out the first tracts ever made containing the Steve Curington story. Jay was a part of the very first RU meeting and was the one who first spoke to the group! Upon returning to NLBC and attending for a short time, Jay observed Lori and became interested in a possible relationship with her, as he saw in her a woman who he greatly admired. Jay spoke to Lori’s step-dad about it, who then brought it to Lori’s attention. Without hesitation, Lori requested that both of them speak to Pastor Kingsbury. She knew that if it was God’s will, God would lead her through her pastor.

Through both Pastor Kingsbury and assistant Pastor Dan Outler, Jay was told to “wait” and “wait” he did! In fact, Jay waited for six whole months! This did nothing but increase Lori’s admiration for Jay who was in complete submission to his authority. In January of this year, Jay and Lori began to correspond and “court” as one would say. We are thrilled to announce that on June 28, 2014, with their families and a few close friends, Jay and Lori will become husband and wife!!
Please join us in congratulating Lori and her groom, Jay Nordmoe! You can send them well- wishes to:

Jay and Lori Nordmoe

1415 Nelson Dr.

Machesney Park, IL 61115

Please continue to pray for this precious family. It is without doubt that God’s timing is always perfect. We’ve seen God’s hand on this family in times past…and His hand is still evident today!

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