Receiving Counsel that Helps

Proverbs 20:5 Dissected & Defined

Counsel (advice) in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding (applied knowledge) will draw it out.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

Let me remind you that knowledge is discerned in the spirit of man, but understanding is enlightened by the mind of man. 

For example, the truth “children obey your parents.” You know that is true in your spirit and have known it since childhood. But when did you understand it? When you had your own kids! That is when your eyes of understanding were enlightened and you finally “understood” why this was so important. A little late for some of us, unfortunately. 

In our verse for today, Solomon tells us that when you seek counsel from wise leaders that you should be careful to get deep within their meditator to a proper word of advice.t People who are void of understanding will not do this. 

Our pastor is a busy man. I know that if I need him to make a decision that favors me, I will call him on the fly and throw a few facts at him that angle him toward the direction I want to take and he will usually come to the conclusion that I had hoped. However, whenever I have done this—for reasons that seemed good at the time, I have always regretted it. I should have given more data and allowed him the time to mull the decision over in his meditator. 

I have learned this lesson the hard way, getting premature advice has always let me down. But now I understand it. Now that I understand my mistake, I take the time necessary to inform him of all the angles of my dilemma and remain silent on my personal opinion. I allow God to bring him to an internal conclusion in his heart. Then and only then have I drawn out of him God’s personal advice for me. 

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Steve Curington grew up in a Christian home and graduated from North Love Christian School in 1984. After high school, Steve started a 10-year addiction to alcoholism and cocaine. After a serious car accident, Steve found complete sobriety through his relationship with Jesus Christ. After his recovery in 1996, Steve began Reformers Unanimous, a faith-based addiction ministry. What started as a humble, Friday night addiction class with four regular attendees in Rockford, Illinois, grew to a class of more than 300 people from the community and then spread to other churches across the country and around the world. The founder of Reformers Unanimous International (RU) died suddenly on October 30, 2010. Mr. Curington, a husband and father of five children, was only 45, but he accomplished more in his 15 years of ministry than many do in a lifetime. We know his work, his writing, his voice, and his reach will live on.

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