Step Three

Before you begin an RU Recovery Program in your town, there is a brief application process. We want to be thorough, making sure that we gather all of the right information.

Please follow 3 basic steps to complete this process:

  1. Enter your Church and Additional Information on the Charter Application – this will help us with our records and in communicating with you. Fill out as much information as you have at this point. We can gather other necessary information at a later time if necessary.
  2. Review and Agree to the Local RU Charter Agreement– This is the official charter for new chapters. Please read thoroughly and acknowledge that you have completely read its contents.
  3. Review and Agree to our Doctrinal Statement – our desire is to help like-minded churches reach the addicted in their community. Therefore, we ask that you sign our doctrinal statement, as well as send us a copy of your doctrinal statement.

Fill Out the RU Charter Application Online Today!