Step One

Your director will be the leader of the program, and choosing him is a vitally important decision. Because your chapter will either rise or fall according to its leadership, make sure to have the right director.

Qualities to look for in a Director:

  • A genuine walk with the Lord in prayer and Bible study
  • A heartfelt burden for those who are crippled by addictions
  • A leadership ability and someone others will follow
  • A teaching capability and willingness to preach God’s word
  • A friendly personality that will reach out to and welcome others

Responsibilities of a Director:

  • Direct the schedule on Friday night
  • Oversee and mentor the other leaders
  • Meet and greet new students each week
  • Prepare weekly for the third talk lesson
  • Be available to minister to students one on one

NOTE: Since one of the main goals of the RU ministry is to train and develop servant leaders, you will have an opportunity to eventually develop other leaders in the chapter. You will eventually want to have a Men’s Group Leader and Ladies’ Group Leader to help with other students in your chapter. As the program grows, you will have room for more servers and helpers. What a great opportunity to see God use people who formerly have struggled with addictions. This brings Him great glory!

Next you need to review the training opportunities that are available.