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God is opening HUGE doors for RU Recovery Ministries in the Philippines


This cannot wait!

We will be traveling to the Philippines in October and we need your prayers and financial support to get us there. President Rodrigo Duterte has declared war on drugs and has vowed to enforce his policy by any means necessary. This includes extra-judicial execution.


2,400 people have been killed in the streets

There are an estimated 3.7 million drug addicts in the Philipines. Of these suspected addicts, over 700,000 people have turned themselves in looking for help.
The concerted response from many Philippine pastors to start RU chapters has been overwhelming. There are over 50 churches ready to launch RU in their city, they just need the materials. At RU in Rockford, we have diligently placed the RU materials into a layout that is both cost-effective and ready for foreign countries. All we need to do is print…
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Partner with us in carrying the success you see in your local chapter to pastors and government officials in the Philippines as an answer to their addiction crisis