Avoiding Eve-ism

For several months in 2013, my husband preached a series of messages on “The First Family”. I have become intrigued with Eve, and how she was deceived in her transgression. It makes me wonder… how easy is it for me to be deceived… and how does Satan deceive me…. and what can I do to prevent being deceived?!!

Eve did not see it coming – temptation, that is! Mrs. Adam, mother of all living, was deceived by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Although her husband knew full well what was happening, his wife did not.

Eve was a perfect woman, a perfect wife, and a perfect mother. She had a perfect husband and lived in a perfect home. Yet, she fell into a deceptive snare or trap! Wow! If Eve could fall into a snare this so easily, how easy it would be for me, because I am not perfect, nor do I live in a perfect world. I have found that Satan even knows my weaknesses, and knows exactly how to trap me in such seemingly innocent ways!

Not recognizing Satan’s lure is how he deceives me! I call this Eve-ism. Maybe she was “blond”…but I think this happens to all women![hr]

First, Eve’s focus was on the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, to the expense of her focus on the Lord. Eve “walked with the Lord” (meaning in the Hebrew that she had a face to face relationship with Him). The forbidden fruit was a distraction from “the spiritual” to “the sinful”. Not recognizing Satan’s lure is how he deceives me! I call this Eve-ism. Maybe she was “blond”…but I think this happens to all women!

What things distract me from focusing on the Lord? It may be something that is very innocent… an interest, a favorite hobby, a friend, texting, Facebook, or a relationship that feels so right. Then it begins to move from the spiritual to the sinful![hr]

Secondly, Eve ought to have been focused on her husband. Eve was to be Adam’s helpmeet. She was to be his encourager and a helper as she focused on doing whatever she could to meet his needs and sweetly submit to him. HE, after all, was the purpose for her creation in the first place!

How different history could have been if, when Satan slithered up to tempt her with the delicious looking fruit, she had only said….

Adam was her protector. If she would have consulted him, it would have put him in direct position to make that decision. Adam knew his wife was being deceived. By Eve asking her husband about her choice before making her decision, it could have protected them from their disastrous decision.

We ladies get ourselves and our families in great danger when we are so focused on the fruit that we forget to consult with our husband. “Honey, I’d like to ask your advice on something…” That’s the right kind of pressure for Adam. Adam’s silence in the whole situation was a big problem. And if Eve could have encouraged him by asking him this question, maybe the whole course of their lives could have been different. Avoid Eve-ism…and the course of your life can be different also!

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  1. Thanks! I just taught on this very thing in the Ladies SS class at our church. You said it so much better-God’s Word is Right!

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