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The words “thank you” just do not seem sufficient to express to you the thoughts I have toward every one of you who have prayed, comforted, and gave to my children and me since the Lord God saw it necessary to bring my husband and father of our children home to be with Him.  The measure of grace we are experiencing is overwhelming, unexplainable, and…amazing!  My children and I have observed the mighty hand of God become so real to us in so many ways.  I consider it a privilege to have been able to be married to the man who meant so much to so many people because he…loved.
I also appreciate the leadership of RU and their dedication to seeing my husband’s vision continue.  With the training my husband gave each staff member, under the direction of Pastor Kingsbury,  I am confident that God will enable and use them to multiply God’s ultimate plan.
Thank you again for your prayers and please do not stop!  Pray that my children will continue to see God’s hand and trust Him that He knows what is best for each of us.  We value you and appreciate your love for my husband, our family, and the ministry.

-Lori Curington

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  1. Thank you Mrs. Curington, for nurturing your 5 children and Bro Curington, in a way that only a Godly wife and mother could. My life has been forever changed for the better. The Depression and Drug Addiction and Alcoholism has been completely removed because of the way that God used Your husband, You, and Charity, Chase, Channing, Chance, and Cherish to show the staff and students how to live a Godly Life and raise a Godly family. I first was introduced to your family by turning over to the back of Brother Curingtons book Nevertheless I Live. I was in the suicide ward of a Maximum Security Jail in Murfreesboro TN. After reading the book, God completely removed every obstacle in my way to Rockford Illinois, including a felony. I sit here, 18 months later, around a family that has been completely changed because of the way that God has used your family. Thank you so much! I will continue to pray for you and your family each and everyday, as will the RU Nation!
    Cliff Williams, former RU Staff and December 2009 Graduate

  2. Love you and praying for you. You are a great encouage for all of us.

  3. Dear Lori and family, R.U. staff: Please know that all of you are in my prayers, as I am sure this was a shock for you all. My name is Paula Kay from Canton, Ohio. I was in the R.U. womens home on Mulberry Street from Sept. 2006 until graduating in April 2007. Because of the hand of the Lord, and Him using the R.U. ministry, I have been clean and sober. Many of my concerns upon leaving the women's were true, but to this day am realizing God has power to bring everything (including enemies) under His subjection. The godly teaching and living Christ-like examples are what stays in my mind to this day, and encourages me to keep doing the right thing- to not give up. THANK YOU ALL!! Paula-Kay, Canton, Ohio

  4. Thank you so much, Lori, for those words of encouragement. Words cannot express the love that I have for you and your family. My name is Shawna Gross and I was in the Ladies' home during 2006. I found out that I was going to have a son while I was there and thanks to the work that God did through you and your family and the love that your family helped me to know, my son has a good Christian mother who loves and cares for him. God sent you into my life and there is not one day that goes by that I don't thank Him for that. I had nothing when I came to RU and you all helped me to gain it all through Him. I don't like to think about where we would be had He not sent you. I love you dearly.

  5. Sister Curington,

    Your husband has been a tremendous blessing, encouragement, and example for me and my wife. As we prepare to return to east Asia where we serve the Lord Jesus as church-planters, we will remember the power of a life wholly surrendered to Christ, as well as pray that the Lord will comfort, strengthen, and pour out His best blessings upon your precious family.

    Looking unto JESUS,
    Bro. Nathan Ching


  6. Lori We will indeed continue to pray for you and your family.I remember going to the conference

    in 2009 and Steve was serving behind the fries counter.something had gone wrong and they were unable to make the fries.I said Surprise ,surprise no fries.Steve looked at me and just smiled. We are so happy that Steve obeyed the Lord's calling and started R.U. I feel privileged to be called to serve in this

    ministry .We are seeing lives changed all to the glory of the Lord.Steve had a burden for those who have made wrong choices knowinfg the whom Christ has set free is free indeed.

  7. Mrs.Curington , I have been truly blessed by the teachings of your husband. I graduate here on Dec 5th and I had the pleasure to have several conversations with Bro. Steve. I am going home to work for my Pastor as Mr. Curington urged me to do. I will also be working in my local RU Chapter and serving in Rock of Ages prison ministries. I wish you and your beautiful children the very best! All of you will be in our prayers! I was in my drug addiction for three decades and have found freedom through the Lord and this great ministry that your husband founded. Thank you very much! God Bless ! Brian Hare Newark Ohio

  8. God is good! Keep at it, my Sister. We love you in the Lord, and will continue to pray for your family, the Church, and R.U.

    because of Christ, and for the cause….. The Forbes Family

  9. Mrs. Curington, I am just one of many that are part of the RU program. I attend Beth Haven Baptist Church in Sheridan Michigan and every Friday p.m. at 7 p.m. we have RU. I wasn't in prison or jail (thank God) but I have had many addictions in my life. One of the major ones was depression which led to suicide attempts. Thanks to a friend from our church and RU program she got me started. I am learning so many new things that I did not think were possible for someone my age (54) with not a very good memory either. But the leaders have been wonderful, understanding and I have made some life long friends. God bless Steve for following God's call to do the RU program. He will be missed so much. But you, your children, your family and all his workers that he worked with have been (and will continue to be) in my daily thoughts and prayers. God Bless

    Becky Berens


  10. Lori

    We will continue to pray

    for you and your Family here in Mio Baptist Church.

    I know that God will continue to change lives in

    this R.U program. Many souls will shun Hell

    and gain Heaven because of what god laid on Steve's heart.God

    Bless you all.

  11. Lori, iam praying for u all. The Lord is so good..HE will take care of u all. HE is ur Provider and Husband and Father.
    Iam a mother of 6 raising my children w my mother. We were abandoned by my husband..their father. It has been Very difficult at times. The ONLY way i get through is the LORD! HE Loves u all and will take of u all!
    Stay strong…

  12. Hello Lori,It is Billie Wells I just wanted you to know that the time I shared with you and Mr.Curington was one of the best times of my life.I hope you and the kids are holding in there.I am so sorry for you and the kids losing such a loving and kind soul. I will never forget your kids you or Mr.Curinton.Your friend,Billie.

  13. Lori, I was privileged to meet you and Bro. Curington in The Jubilee Ladies Home in Corpus Christi, TX. You and your husband took all us ladies to Ci'Ci's Pizza that night of Jodi's graduation. I was one who rode back in the car with yall. My name is Rachel. And I remember asking bro. C. how do I know where to serve the Lord? He simply answered me, “where your heart is set free is where you will serve Him.” that was 2 years ago, and he was right!! I got saved here in Tucson, AZ, and am still serving God here on a bus ministry, Junior Church, and many other areas in our church, Coronado Baptist Church. I truly believe if it were not for your husbandand the ministry he started in RU, I would not be free today from an addiction of heroin, crack, prescription pills, prostitution, and allthat goes with the life. I never had a relationship with Jesus Christ before like I have now, because of RU and the principles that I watched every single day, over and over again, learning the TRUTH of God's word through the stories and reality of the video. I like the Chili Surprise ONe!! How much easier it is to keep it clean, etc… He made such an impact on my life. My marriage was restored, my family, my church, relationships, mostly a true walk with MY Saviour. Thank you, Lori, for being there for me. I am truly blessed to have met you and your husband. I shall always remember that night having pizza!! You both even signed my Bible. Thank you for your faithfulness to God. May the Lord do wonders in you and your children's lives..

  14. Lori: We have never met and yet I owe you and your husband a debt of gratitude. My daughter-in-law (daughter of my heart) Tina Norris was a resident at the Womens Home and travelled with the Joy Bells group and I am thankful to all of those involved in this ministry for the labor of love they worked in Tina's life as well as our family's life. It is still a work in progress as we all are and yet I see a young woman who now knows the love of God and has a love for others most importantly her husband and her children. I was so saddened to hear of Steve's homegoing truly God's gain is our loss, your loss. Please know that I have been praying for you and your children regularly and I will continue to lift you in prayer. May you know God's grace, peace and comfort in the days ahead of you and may His provision be manifested in many mighty ways. Love in Christ Trisha Norris

  15. I pray for you,the kids and the Ru homes as well for North Love Church.How I miss you all in Rockford.God Bless you and your kids.

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